How Heroin Addiction Can Affect Men

Heroin Affects

Heroin addiction changes people in many ways. For those struggling with its use, the first and most important decision is to get help. For some, a men’s heroin addiction treatment program may provide the tools and resources necessary to overcome this addiction. In this environment, you may be able to overcome your addiction and work on creating a robust and healthy future for yourself.

What Can Heroin Addiction Do to Men?

There is a men’s heroin drug crisis occurring throughout the U.S. Because the drug is so powerful and has been so readily available, it’s caused many families to lose loved ones to this addiction. The risks of overdose are high as well. Heroin can impact both men and women. For men, it can create changes such as:

  • Men have a higher rate of dependence, making it harder to stop using.
  • Men are likely to hide their addiction, fearing stigma to it.
  • Some men use heroin to overcome physical pain that’s otherwise left untreated.
  • Some men use heroin as a way to manage post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • Getting high is a common use, but for many men, it works to numb emotions.
  • Men may also develop more health complications from routine use.

If you are facing heroin addiction right now, ask yourself what this disease has taken from you. Think about things like family, relationships, opportunities at work, or even school opportunities. If it’s taken a lot from you, it’s time to find a way through treatment.

What’s Happening in Your Brain

Heroin addiction forms because of the drug’s ability to modify the way the brain communicates within itself. With consistent or heavy use, a person’s brain and body change to adapt to the drug’s use. This creates dependence. Also, some people can build a tolerance. That means they need to use more of the drug than before to get the same type of high or reaction. Every time they increase what they are using that drives up the risk of an overdose.

Without a doubt, there are risks to heroin addiction on the brain, body, and mental health. It’s important to realize that, even though you may be getting through the day, there is an impact.

How Can Men Get Help for Heroin Addiction?

There is help available. A men’s heroin addiction center in FL may provide the opportunities necessary to encourage healing and wellbeing. Several things need to be considered in this type of treatment:

  • Need for Detox: Because of how addictive heroin is, it may be necessary to go through a period of detox. Men may need some time to break the dependency that is so common in heroin addiction in a safe, drug-free space.
  • Residential Treatment: It takes time to overcome heroin addiction and get a hold of your overall health. During residential treatment, men can give their brain and body time to heal while also working closely with them to reclaim overall well-being.
  • Mental Health Support: Some people use heroin to manage the underlying symptoms of mental health disorders. This may include things like depression, anxiety, or PTSD.
  • Gender-Specific Programs: A men’s only treatment program may be ideal for some people. It provides a wide range of opportunities to help men to focus on their healing. That includes opening up to peers and exploring the male-specific effects of addiction.

Take the First Step in Getting Help – Call a Treatment Center

Heroin addiction is a high-risk disease that can impact your health for years to come. The sooner you take action to get help, the better your chances are of recovery. Turn to an addiction treatment center for the support you need.


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