Many people have never even heard of the drug Flunitrazepam.

However, it’s a good bet that they know the drug by its more infamous street name: roofies. Classified as a benzodiazepine, Flunitrazepam is a sedative drug that’s in a class of drugs that include Valium, Xanax and Ativan, and it’s characterized by its ability to depress the central nervous system. Like other benzos, it’s addictive. To combat a persistent addiction problem, Flunitrazepam drug rehab has become a necessity for many people.

Flunitrazepam has a reputation as a “date rape” drug, due its ability to put someone taking it into a stupor. It impairs memory, often causing people who have taken it to have no memory of events while the drug was having an effect. Flunitrazepam is also used recreationally and can be addicting. For that reason, Flunitrazepam drug rehab may be needed in order for individuals to successfully recover.

Due to its sedative properties, Flunitrazepam is a “downer” that many people wind up abusing. Once abusing the drug becomes the norm, addiction isn’t very far behind. Flunitrazepam drug rehab is the most effective way to overcome this addiction. Attempting to beat Flunitrazepam addiction on your own can be extremely difficult if not impossible for many people. Only through Flunitrazepam drug rehab can you truly unlock the underlying motivations to your addiction so that you don’t fall prey to it again.

Flunitrazepam Abuse & Flunitrazepam Addiction

As with so many other drugs, the path to Flunitrazepam addiction begins with tolerance. When addiction begins to kick in, a number of signs will begin to become apparent, signaling the need for Flunitrazepam drug rehab:

You begin to frequently take more Flunitrazepam than you had planned
You try & fail to reduce your use of Flunitrazepam
You spend more and more of your time buying, using and recovering from Flunitrazepam
You find yourself craving Flunitrazepam
Other aspects of your life are suffering due to Flunitrazepam use
You keep using, even though you know that it’s causing problems in your professional & personal life.
Other activities and hobbies are forgotten as drug use occupies more and more of your time
You continue to use, even though you know it’s dangerous to your health
You experience withdrawal symptoms if you stop using Flunitrazepam

Dealing with a Flunitrazepam addiction means that you first have to recognize the signs of addiction. If you or a loved one suffers from an addiction, you need to think about Flunitrazepam drug rehab treatment. It could save your life, figuratively and literally.

Do I Need Flunitrazepam Drug Rehab Treatment?

Perhaps you’ve tried to quit Flunitrazepam and it hasn’t worked. Maybe when you returned to using, the problem got even worse. Trying to kick drugs on your own is a difficult proposition, even under the best of circumstances. Remember that professional Flunitrazepam drug rehab is the most effective way to overcome your addiction. At a rehab center, you will find a group of highly trained doctors and staff members who are dedicated to getting you over your addiction in a safe and supportive environment.

The First Step: Flunitrazepam Detox

Withdrawal symptoms associated with Flunitrazepam can include a number of serious conditions, including:


Withdrawal symptoms can be very hard to deal with. In fact, that’s why self detox fails so often. Many people faced with these symptoms decide that the easiest way to end the discomfort and pain is to resume using Flunitrazepam. At that point, the addiction often becomes even worse. A professional detox facility is your best bet for a safe detox process. 24/7 medical supervision insures that you’ll get through detox successfully so that you can begin Flunitrazepam drug rehab.

Profession detox can provide for a safer and more comfortable experience when dealing with withdrawal symptoms. In medically-supervised detox, for example, doctors can dispense medications to ease withdrawal symptoms that may otherwise be unbearable. Seizures is a dangerous possibility in more advanced Flunitrazepam addictions. A detox center can put you on medication that will minimize the likelihood of a dangerous seizure. As detox continues, these medications will be tapered off so that you can enter Flunitrazepam drug rehab in a drug-free condition.

Once you have completed detox, recovery isn’t over. In fact, it’s just begun. It’s important to keep in mind that detox only gets you off drugs. To stay off drugs, you will need Flunitrazepam drug rehab treatment.

Understanding the Difference Between Inpatient and Outpatient Flunitrazepam

Drug Rehab Treatment

As you consider Flunitrazepam drug rehab, you have two main choices to consider. In both, you will receive evidence-based treatment designed to put you on the road to a successful recovery:

Inpatient Flunitrazepam drug rehab treatment: Also known as residential treatment, inpatient treatment means that you will be in a safe and controlled environment 24/7. For some people, this is essential for a successful recovery because it eliminates triggers and temptations from the outside.

Although not the right choice for everyone, inpatient treatment is the right fit for people with more severe addictions or if they lack stable home environments. Inpatient treatment is also very appropriate if patients are dealing with a co-occurring mental health issue, such as depression. As with any effective treatment, an inpatient treatment plan will be one that has been tailored to the unique needs of each patient.

Outpatient Flunitrazepam drug rehab: Individuals in an outpatient do not reside at the facility. As the name implies, patients are able to return home at night. This can be the ideal arrangement for people with work, school or family responsibilities that can’t be put on hold, which would be the case during inpatient treatment.

Ideally, outpatients will be those individuals with a less serious addiction and will have a supportive family unit to rely upon. For some people, the less-restrictive nature of outpatient treatment is preferable. For others, the rigid structure of inpatient treatment is actually a better choice.

How Long Does Flunitrazepam drug rehab Last?

The length of treatment is dictated by the severity of the patient’s addiction, among other factors. A majority of treatment plans are 28-day or 30-day programs. It’s quite common, however, for patients to require 60-day or 90-day programs. There are added benefits to an extended stay in Flunitrazepam drug rehab. Studies have indicated that staying in treatment longer means a greater chance of avoiding relapse once patients leave a rehab center. Often, this will also entail participating in an effective aftercare program as well.

What to Expect During Flunitrazepam Drug Rehab Treatment

Recovery isn’t an easy process. If it were, no one would need professional help. To achieve a long-term recovery, you’ll need leading-edge, evidence-based therapies. Among the therapies common to treatment plans are:

One-on-one therapy
Group therapy
Cognitive behavioral therapy
Family therapy

Given the highly individualized nature of addiction, there are many additional types of therapy that patients can benefit from, including:

Trauma treatment: traumatic life events can lead people to addiction in an attempt to escape terrible things they’ve experienced, including war experiences, childhood abuse, etc.
Dual-diagnosis treatment: a co-occurring mental health condition, such as depression, can undermine Flunitrazepam drug rehab if left unaddressed

Rounding out the rehab experience can be alternative treatments. Although not considered essential, these therapies can be very beneficial and provide a more well-rounded rehab experience for some people. Such treatments include:

Yoga therapy
Art therapy
Music therapy
Acupuncture therapy
Equine therapy
Meditation therapy

Treatment Methods in Flunitrazepam drug rehab

Just as no two addiction patients are the same, neither are drug rehab facilities. You want to be sure that facilities you’re looking at are well-versed in Flunitrazepam drug rehab treatment. Some of the choices you’ll have for treatment include the following:

Faith-based 12-step programs: For some patients, their faith can be a source of strength during recovery. Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous are famous examples of this model.
Secular 12-step programs: For personal reasons, some patients prefer 12-step programs that aren’t faith-based.
Holistic programs: Flunitrazepam drug rehab for some people makes more sense when approached holistically. For these patients, alternative therapies are of great importance to heal the body and the mind together.
Faith-based treatment: For patients with deep religious convictions, it’s only natural to incorporate their faith into recovery. Many facilities are faith-based, which may make the entire recovery experience a smoother and more fulfilling experience.

All of these options for Flunitrazepam drug rehab will help insure that your recovery experience is effective. Any rehab treatment requires your commitment and dedication, which is much easier to accomplish when you’re getting the kind of treatment that works well with your unique needs.

Aftercare: A Good Way to Avoid Relapse

When you leave a Flunitrazepam drug rehab center, you will be sober. But how long can you stay sober? Effective rehab can be extremely effective in keeping you from relapsing. With an aftercare program in place, you will have additional help to keep you sober when familiar triggers and temptations present themselves. It always helps to have a little reinforcement of the strategies you learned in rehab so that you can stay on the straight and narrow path of sobriety.

As you prepare to leave rehab, counselors will meet with you to discuss an aftercare program that fits your needs. Adjusting to life in the “real” world isn’t easy after being in the protective environment of a Flunitrazepam drug rehab facility. It’s usually best to have a little extra help in the form of an effective aftercare program.

An option that works well for some people is residing at what’s known as a sober living house with others who have recently left drug rehab. A sober house can often provide the kind of support some people will need immediately after rehab. In this controlled setting, house inhabitants are held accountable for remaining sober. In addition, you will have the support of others who completely understand what you’re going through. You can gain the support of others, as well as offer support to them as well.

Recovery is a process that you have to take one day at a time. For some people, an aftercare program gives them the support they need. For others, a sober living house provides the rules and accountability necessary to build a long-term life of sobriety.

How Do I Pay for Flunitrazepam Drug Rehab?

Many variables affect the cost of addiction treatment, including:

The range of amenities
How long you’re staying for treatment
The size of the staff (staff-to-patient ratio)
Types of treatment available

Most accredited Flunitrazepam drug rehab centers will accept a range of major health insurance plans. Many people rely on insurance coverage to pay for at least a portion of their treatment. However, that certainly isn’t the only available option. Consider the following possibilities:

Payment plans from the facility
Cash or credit
Third-party financing
Personal loans from family and friends
Flexible spending accounts
Sliding-scale fees (variable costs based on a person’s ability to pay)

How you’re going to pay for treatment is obviously something you’ll want to settle before agreeing to Flunitrazepam drug rehab treatment. An addiction specialist at a rehab facility can go over all possible financial options with you.

Should I Stay Near Home Or Travel For Flunitrazepam Drug Rehab Treatment?

This is a very personal decision that you’ll have to make. For some people, staying close to home is favored due to the convenience. However, that’s not always the best possible choice to make.

The problem with staying near home for treatment is that you’re also near many of the triggers and temptations that led you into addiction in the first place. This situation can interfere with your recovery process. Sometimes, it’s a good idea to immerse yourself in a whole new environment for Flunitrazepam drug rehab treatment. Recovery is all about new beginnings, so being in a new place for rehab can help reinforce that idea for many people.

Don’t Let Flunitrazepam Addiction Run Your Life

Drugs have ruled over you long enough. It’s time to take control again! With effective Flunitrazepam drug rehab treatment, you can reclaim the life that drugs have slowly been taking away from you. The road to recovery starts right now. Make the call for treatment today.